Faux Mink Lashes C-curl 0.25 thickness from Goldlashbar

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It’s very soft and creates a natural look. Comes in varying length, curls and thickness.



Individual Faux Mink Lashes C-curl 0.25 thickness are made from high quality synthetic material. These lashes have a luxurious silk strand with a soft and natural texture that maintain their shape and curls.

Tray of 12 strips

Thickness: 0.25

Length: 9mm and 10mm

Curl: C cur|

(If you like to create a longer volume look, we recommend you to choose flat lashes in longer length because flat lashes are lighter weight and have a flat elliptical shape which gives you more dramatic look even in the same thickness of traditional mink lashes.)


Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
C curl 0.25 thickness

9mm, 10mm


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